The Mad Max video game is, in its very design, anti-fun

Steam offers PC gamers the option to return video games. I used to be skeptical of the notion. Video games can be big. They can take time to reveal their best self. I am only a couple hours into Mad Max, and if I hadn’t received the copy for review, I would be demanding a refund.

Mad Max isn’t a mediocre video game, doomed by technical flaws or shoddy art design.Mad Max is beautiful, and, unlike so many better games released this year, runs spectacularly on PC, as if evidence its creators had plenty of time to polish. And unlike so many poor games released this year, Mad Max‘s developer took creative risks. Mad Max, you get the sense, was meant to be a big budget game with soul and something to say. Unfortunately, Mad Max, a game that is actively bland, is like a teenager with big ideas about how the world works but without the vocabulary nor confidence to express them. A half-hour is enough time to grok the game is flawed at its core.

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